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The Delicious Foods of Denmark

Denmark has been called the happiest country in the world. When you taste the food there, it’s easy to see why Danish folks can’t help but be happy. Visiting Denmark soon? Then keep an eye out for these must-try dishes that will make you as happy as the Danes!

  1. Smørrebrød

If you find yourself craving a sandwich around lunchtime, pop in one of the many cafes for this open-faced sandwich. Typically, it consists of rye bread topped with a variety of interesting toppings. You’ll find shrimp or even raw herring, hardboiled eggs, vegetables or meat. Choose the one that speaks to you.


  1. Æbleskiver

Searching for something sweet? Then make sure you get your hands on these small stuffed pancakes. The most common filling is apple and they usually come sprinkled with sugar. A side of marmalade is common too, adding to the sensational sweetness without overloading it.

  1. Kartofler

Potatoes are a huge staple of Danish cuisine and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a meal that doesn’t include a side of them. You’ll find an astonishing variety of potato side dishes from boiled to mashed and even caramelized too.

  1. Wienerbrød

wienerbroedIf you think you’ve had a real Danish, you haven’t unless you’ve had this. The pastry itself is more akin to that of a croissant’s texture and it’s filled with a sugary creamed butter mixture. It is every bit as delightful as it sounds.

  1. Frikadeller

For meat eaters, nothing could be more blissful than this fried meatball. You’ll find it made from pork, a blend of beef and pork, or even fish. Served cold with remoulade, fried onions, potatoes and parsley sauce, it makes for a hearty meal.

  1. Cheese

Of course, Denmark is famed for its cheese. With dairies and cheese factories everywhere, it’s impossible to miss out on the best cheese you’ll ever have. Enjoy a cheese plate with raw herring and fresh fruits to get the full Danish cheese-tasting experience from havarti, danbo, and of course, blue cheese.

  1. Gløgg

Ideal for warming up on cold days whilst catching a buzz, this mulled wine is an aromatic treat. Spices along with lemon and orange peels, almonds, and raisins all come together to steep for several days before it is served. Around Christmas time, it’s essential.

  1. Stegt Flæsk

Denmark’s most popular dish consists of pork fat swimming in parsley sauce. If you like bacon, you’ll be a huge fan of this tasty local dish.

  1. Millionbøf

Danish beef gets cut up into tiny little pieces, then served atop mashed potatoes, rice or pasta. It’s warm, filling and everyone has their own variation on seasonings so it’s worth trying anyplace you dine.

  1. Rababergrød

This popular summer dessert is made from boiled rhubarb stalks. Once it turns into a sugary syrup, it’s served up cold with heaping doses of heavy cream and sugar on top. Strawberries are usually added to the top to complete this sweet and fruity delight.



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