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Traveling in Denmark

While you decide to travel around the world best places, how can one not add Denmark in it? Who can resist seeing a beautiful place, having amazing food, and having beautiful people all around us? I think no one. Because of the beauty which Denmark holds, people love to come here.

Here is a list of some must visit places when you are travelling to Denmark. Have a look

  1. The Wadden Sea (Vadehavet):
    The Wadden Sea is the largest also newest national park of Denmark. Not only that, because of its ecological importance, it has also become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautiful park extends along the southern West Coast of Denmark to the German border. You can take a day trip to this park from nearby towns such as Esbjerg, Ribe which is also the oldest town of Denmark. If you are one of the people who love birdwatching, you should definitely go to this place and explore the amazing wildlife this place has. You can also visit the fascinating towns nearby this park which are mentioned above. You will love every bit of it.
    wadden sea
  2. North Bornholm and The Hammer:
    Bornholm might be considered as a small island but it has got quite a variety of ecosystems and geography. In the north of it, you will find beautiful, stunning cliffs and amazing rocky beaches. And the south is full of sandy beaches. Surprise to know, that the sand here is not a common sand, it is so fine that once it was used in hour glasses. You will also see forests, fields, caves in between. This place is also full of history and has historic islands like Frederikso and Christianso. All of these sites are waiting to get explored by you.
  3. Fur Island, Limfjorden:
    The island of Fur has been considered as one of the most sharable places of Denmark. Fur is a unique and one of the most beautiful islands of Denmark. It is known for its pleasant and liveliness. It is considered as one of the most liveable islands of Denmark. From beautiful beaches to number of amazing activities of people, this place easily become people’s favourite once they get to visit this. The volcanic ash and moler which is a very rare sediment found in the region of Limfjord, they are all here. And not only that Fur’s moler landscape is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage list.
  4. Lille Vildmose:
    Lille Vildmose is one of the largest protected natural area of Denmark. An area over 7600 hectares. It is larger than Wadden and Fano Sea. You can explore this area over the edge of Kattegat. And you can to go this place on foot, by bus or car which ever suits you the best. The place has got a variety of lakes, wild life and is a great place to hang out with your family.
    So all you have to do now is pack your bag and plan on to visit Denmark, you will love it here.

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